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Prestigious New Property Development

Pictured here are Teresa Cook (Manager of Commercial Property Investment, Horizon Capital), Kate Hogarth (Commercial Property Investment Consultant, Horizon Capital), Kutlwano Rasodi (Project Manager, Rabie Property Group) and Liz Masson (Property Portfolio Manager, Horizon Capital) outside the newly completed Rabie development, The Gatehouse.

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Investment Strategy in Uncertain Times

Share prices around the world have been very volatile during the first half of 2010. All indices produced negative returns. The JSE also was down 4% with above usual volatility indicating uncertainty and a lack of confidence. SA listed property was the best performing asset class with a return of 9.5%. Leading asset management houses have reduced equity exposure substantially and moved a large portion of the assets into cash, earning the current low interest rates. They fear the possibility of a double-dip recession, as governments (particularly in the US, UK and Europe) reduce their stimulatory measures and are forced to adopt stricter austerity measures for their economies.

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The Future has Arrived in South Africa

Over the last two years, we have all been waiting with bated breath for 2010. It has been promoted as the year 3 billion people around the globe watch the FIFA World Cup here and hopefully 500,000 of them come out to see the spectacle. The huge infrastructure spend on our new stadia, transport network and the Gautrain are amazingly on track; 2 million world cup tickets have been sold; and to quote Investec’s economist: “we’re on the road to growth again.”

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The Smart Money is Buying Commercial Property

During the year ahead, as interest rates continue to drop, interest earning investments will become less attractive, especially when one looks at their after tax return. It is very difficult to call the bottom of the current stock exchange bear market as bad news seems certain to continue to be announced for at least the balance of 2009. Investment in the stock market is currently very uncertain given the huge daily fluctuations in prices.

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