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Selling Your Business: Timing is Critical

Timing the purchase and sale of your business correctly is a very important factor in this process. “Purchase and sale decisions are probably the most important a business owner makes and must be made carefully, taking expert advice,” says John Witter, CEO of Horizon Capital Corporate Finance, a Cape Town based, ’boutique’ Corporate Finance house, specialising in the sale and acquisition of medium sized enterprises.

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Economic Downturn Provides Opportunities to Buy Businesses

“South Africa is comparatively well positioned for economic growth over the next few years,” says Horizon Capital CEO, John Witter. In fact, now is the right time to start looking to buy a business, according to the investment specialist. What Witter describes as a mere cyclical downturn in SA, made worse for industrialised countries by the sub prime crisis, is an opportune period to look into investments in developing countries such as South Africa.

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